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Ray McLendon

Ray McLendon spent much of his childhood in Florida. Ray's father, Roy McLendon, was one of the original Florida Highwayman.  As a young boy, Ray spend many summer days cutting crown and molding and painting them and making them look like frames for his father's artwork. Ray would always try to go on the road with his father selling his paintings on the highway. Ray enjoyed seeing his father work. 

Ray graduated from Kutztown University with a B.A. in social work. After he moved back to Florida, Ray started painting after his father encouraged him. He has been painting for over 18 years now. 

 Although originally the highwaymen were considered just street painters, much of their work has been rediscovered and recognized for the talented Florida artwork it really has been. 

Ray continues in the traditional highwaymen style that he grew up with. He exhibits at art shows across  Florida including the prestigious Under the Oaks show in Vero Beach.

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