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Ray McLendon

Ray McLendon is a second generation Highwaymen.  His father, Roy McLendon, is one of the nine (from among twenty six) original, earliest Highwaymen.  Ray enjoyed watching his father paint since childhood.  As a young boy, he spent many summer days cutting crown molding and painting them to make frames for his father's artwork.  Ray often went on the road with his father selling his paintings on the highway. 

Ray spent most of his childhood in Florida.  He graduated from Kutztown University with a B.A. in social work.  After returning from the university to Florida, he was inspired by his father to start painting.   With his father’s encouragement and instructions, he soon developed his own style.  He works from his gallery in Vero Beach.  

Ray continues painting in the traditional highwaymen style. He exhibits at his own gallery and art shows across Florida including the prestigious Under the Oaks Fine Art Show in Vero Beach.

The Highwaymen artists started to paint in the 1950ties. They were self-taught artists and not accepted in the traditional art world at the time. The recognition of their talent and contribution to art came later and their paintings became sought after worldwide.  Today, all twenty-six Highwaymen are part of Florida Artists Hall of Fame.